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About Us

Following modern trends, a team of translators with years of experience in traditional translation has launched this site with the intention of being available to a wider range of international translation service users. We are currently translating from English to more than 30 world languages under the most favorable conditions and in the shortest possible time.


What distinguishes us is readiness to make any agreement with the clientr, regardless of the field and scope of the text.


In order to expand your business activities, product, service or knowledge in other areas of the field, Poliglota Balkan Agency will enable you to engage its translators.


In order to establish a business conversation, your knowledge of foreign languages is probably competent, but for a successful cooperation in various activities of your interest or placement of products or services, it should still be left to professionals.


Many successful people, who have proven their business, have not been polyglots but they have dealt with the job they know best, and for the translation services they have hired others, like Poliglota Balkan Agency.


Our agency will provide you with the best service by engaging our associates from many areas that have already gained a significant reputation.


Just contact us, everything else is our obligation.